Gemstones Kollection

Our Gemstones Kollection is an art piece that connects us with our loved ones. It extends our subtle connection with our loved ones. The sparkles of the gemstone light up our hearts; fill our homes with love, warmth, and priceless memories.

Premium Gemstones with Crystal Jar


Gemstones with Frosted Glass Jar



Lettering Fees Price:HK$400

Full body Gemstones


Gems Kollection

The Gem Kollection is our first collection. It can be one of our favorite pieces of jewelries when sitting inside our jewelry cabinets, or it can be our most valued wearables when we are on the go. For travel lovers, attaching a piece of gem with 18K platinum pendant allows us to bring along our loved ones when we explore all parts of the world, to go through our special adventures and life journeys.



Pendant with 18K White Gold Setting

Price : HK$3,300

E8 Pendant 18K White Gold


Memorial Kollection

By carving those words from the bottom of our hearts and placing the custom-made gemstone on the crystal plaque, we extend our remembrance of our forever loved ones. Adding a picture of our loved ones on the glass commemoration book exhibits the love and the relationship with our special loved ones.



E138 with Crystal Stand


Crystal Glass Book


Garden Burial Monument


Diamond Cut Kollection

The shininess and the clarity of our Diamond Kollection are greatly enhanced as a result of the utilization of the same technology that fabricates the angular surfaces of a diamond. The series flawlessly reflects the strongest connection and the deepest love with our loved ones, at any occasion, at any time.

1.5 ct. 18K White Gold Pendant


1.5 ct. 18K White Gold Ring

Price:HK$16,800 up

1.5 ct. 18K White Gold Earrings (pair)


Ocean Sapphire Gemstones Kollection

We all have lots of loving memories of our loved ones. Our kollection is designed for our loved ones who had a passion for the ocean. A piece of the gemstone allows us to refresh all bits of memories with our special loved ones.

Premium Sapphire Gemstones with

Crystal Jar


Sapphire Gemstones with

Frosted Glass Jar



Lettering Fees Price:HK$400

Full body Sapphire Gemstones


Ocean Sapphire Round Cut Kollection

The blue color represents eternity and purity. The sea blue colored gemstone is the perfect keepsake to keep the connection with our loved ones everlasting and uncontaminated.

Ocean Sapphire Round Cut Kollection Pendant



18K White gold / 18K Rose gold

Color:Sapphire Blue


Rectangular Shape / Heart Shape /

Square Shape / Small Round Shape

Ocean Sapphire Diamond Cut Kollection

The sea blue color represents a new start. The deep blue color represents hope. Whether it is the sea blue color gemstone or the deep blue color gemstone, our Kollection is the perfect tool to collect all the special memorials we have with our loved ones.

Ocean Sapphire Diamond Cut Kollection Pendant



18K White gold / 18K Rose gold

Color:Ocean Blue / Sapphire Blue


Triangular Shape / Square Shape /

Small Round Shape / Round Shape /

Oval Shape / Rectangular Shape

Prestige Kollection

Blessing belongs to beloved one and treasure belongs to your memory.

Prestige Kollection let you manufacture ashes gemstone jewelry according to your unique mind.

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