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Ming Pao
《只有入堂為安一途?》22nd Apr 2019
Hong Kong Headline
《綠色殯葬新方向 骨灰晶石回憶摯親》12th Apr 2018
Apple Daily
《不捨親人離去?骨灰製藍鑽飾物隨身》6th Jul 2017
Angel's Heart
《以關顧的心 陪伴家屬走過死蔭幽谷》Nov 2016
Angel's Heart
《眷顧保守憂傷的靈 延續對摯愛的思念》Sep 2016
Angel's Heart
《革新殯葬文化 以關顧的心抹去喪親的淚》Jun 2016
China Daily Asia
"In crowed HK, dead find no space to rest in peace " 4th Dec 2015
Investment Times
《寸金尺土 死後難覓安莽地 骨灰轉化成晶石 綠色殯葬全球大趨勢》23rd Nov 2015
Int' New York Times
"Threat burial customs in Hong Kong" 23rd Oct 2015
Financial Times
"Hong Kong burial plot shortage is eased by turning loved ones into gems" 9th Mar 2015
Oriental Daily
《真實殯葬個案 後人遷灰驚現先人骨灰浸水》18 Dec 2014
Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly
《古老殯儀業 綠色新商機》Aug 2014
Hong Kong Economic Times
《伴侶骨灰製首飾 反應佳》2 Jul 2014
Oriental Daily
《仁智國際全力支持 退休人士及長者博覽會2014》3rd Jun 2014
Wen Wei Po
《保守封閉 阻港殯葬業市場化》18th Jun 2013
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