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Since establishing its 1st workshop specializing in the R&D of the transformation of cremation ashes into gemstones in Hong Kong back in 2011, Sage Eternity Gem Services Limited has extended its footprints into a number of overseas markets. Adopting our proprietary technology, we have perfected the technique in the manufacturing of cremation ashes gemstones, and launching the Memento brand. Only a small portion of ashes is needed for the manufacturing of the Memento gemstone.


Memento sparkles with love and fond memories of the deceased. Every piece of Memento gemstone not only represents a connection but also the long lasting love between family members and their precious loved ones, which is unique and priceless.

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Memento Cremation Ashes Gemstones

Mission of Memento

Ever thought of preserving the memories of a lost loved one forever? Turning ashes of the deceased into a glistening gemstone may be the perfect way to build this everlasting connection. Memento can be carried as an ordinary piece of cremation jewelry or a unique keepsake for family members to keep their deceased loved ones close to their hearts, turning a farewell into a reconnection.

Vision of Memento

Dealing with the loss of a loved one has never been easy. It is always during those quiet nights when our thoughts bring us back to the old days and remind us how much we miss our loved ones. Memento represents countless of remembrance. Holding a Memento gemstone in hand, recollecting the sweetest memories, with the blessedness filling our hearts. The love gently alleviates the pain of losing a precious loved one.

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